Below is the list of 13 students Russian Masters helped

Only during this year which still hasn’t been finished, we are glad to follow the destinies of these students.

Remember that we’re gonna have the “RMBC winter course” for sure we´ll help even more students to get their dreams come true. This is our biggest goal to help you to get there. This is our leitmotiv. We managed to help to those students to access the first ballet school in the world- Vaganova Academy:
1. Jaden Grimm @jadengrimm
2. Julianna Correia @julianna_dreyssig
3. Senna Dewulf @senna_dewulf
4. Kian Mangise, USA
5. Jack Hartill, Sweden
6. Jaime Almaraz @jaimealmarazz Spain
7. Angel Giraldezz, Spain

We managed those students to access Zurich Dance Academy, maybe the best European ballet school nowadays: 8. Doga Taskaya @dgtsky Turkey Spain
9. Alejandro Tino, Spain
10. Maria Fernanda Gardini, México

We managed those students to access Hamburg Ballett John Neumeier, with their legendary director:
11. Zeinep Derimel @demirel._.zeynep Turkey

Perm State Choreographic College:
12. Mora Aguirre @mora_aguirre__ Spain

DORTMUND BALLET COMPANY has hired our amazing student with our help:
13. Alisa Uzunova , Belgium

We cross our fingers for their artistic future.
Good luck to each of you