RMB ONLINE - Russian Masters Ballet Camp


Dear friends,

First of all, we sincerely hope that you and your families are safe. May light and good fortune illuminate every step of your way.

The entire Russian Masters team has a desire to do something for you, so that you could avoid being harmed by this situation. We sincerely want to do our bit, because as honest professionals, we know that in ballet, lost time is difficult to recover.

We have spent countless hours thinking, planning, proposing training ideas, study plans and distance exercises with the best experts in the field of ballet. Finally we are proud and happy to tell you that we have created and modeled a completely professional and exclusive online system that can really help advance any student.

We honestly believe that our same team of teachers and professionals, plus the experts that we have added in the field of digital training, together with the rigor of the Vaganova method, result in the maximum efficiency and professional efficiency that, as you know, is one of the pillars of our corporate philosophy.

Ballet can't stop, like its aspiring professionals. Time is the key, the method, professional work and rigor are the vehicle to reach the goal. We go to it in each course, do not stay behind.

We are super grateful to the entire student community for their support and interest in our digital programs. Please understand that we will have to limit places for quality reasons, which is another of our pillars. The order of registration is essential.

Much encouragement to all and good luck with all my heart.

May the light of the ballet be with you.

The Course - RMB ONLINE
For more information online@russianmastersballet.com