• Currently teacher in Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg
  • Graduated from the Vaganova Academy
  • National awards from Ministry of Culture of Russia
Principal Dancer at the Mikhailovsky Theatre

Awarded at The World’s Young Ballet International Competition  and the  Moscow International Ballet Competition
  • Soloist of character dance at the Mariinsky Theatre
  • Currently tutor and teacher in Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg

  • Graduate teacher in Vaganova Academy
  • Student of direct disciples of Alexander Pushkin
  • Male technique and Pas de deux classes in Russian Masters
  • Principal soloist
  • Graduated summa cum laude en Academia Vaganova
  • Disciple of direct students of Agrippina Vaganova
  • Currently teacher in one of the premier Saint Petersburg's theatres
  • Artistic director of Choreographic Liceum of Ekaterinburg
  • Graduated in Perm Ballet College
  • Student of direct disciple of A.Vaganova
  • Winner of multiple premios
  • Degree in Vaganova Academy as an artist and teacher
  • Supervisor and teacher of Saint-Petersburg private company
  • Soloist of international theaters
Qualified as a Free Time Instructor and with experience in different camps and activities

Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier Shool
Former soloist dancer at the Bonn Opera, at the Hessian State Theatre Wiesbaden and at the Lucerne Theatre
Graduated from the Vaganova Academy
Dancer at the Mikhailovsky Theater
Current professor of the Vaganova Academy
• Graduated from the Vaganova Academy as an artist and teacher
• More than 8 years of experience as a teacher
• Honoured with reputable ballet teaching awards
  • Rudolf Nureyev honors graduated first soloist dancer
  • Vaganova diplomated teacher, student of direct disciples of Agrippina Vaganova
  • Russian Masters Ballet Camp Director
Soloist dancer at the Mikhailovsky Ballet Theatre
Vaganova Ballet Academy Graduated
Vaganova Academy graduated
Soloist at the Mariinsky Ballet Theatre
Teacher at Vaganova Academy
Graduated at the Classical Dance Professional School in Perm, Russia

Soloist at the Opera and Ballet Theatre of Perm

Teacher at WEP Productions and Artis Fraga School
  • Director of Zurich Dance Academy
  • Oliver has received numerous national and international awards
  • Graduated with honors from Ekaterinburg State Theater University
  • Currently actress of the Ekaterinburg Young Spectator Theater
  • Laureate of numerous national and international awards
  • Currently one of the most outstanding European artists and choreographers
  • Soloist of Aalto Ballett Essen
  • Winner of the Aalto Stage Prize for young artists 2012
  • Principal dancer of Stuttgarter Ballett
  • Former soloist of Bavarian State Ballet
  • Winner of numerous ballet awards
•    Vaganova Academy graduate in teaching

•    Teacher of Character Dance and Classical Dance in junior grades

•    Former soloist of Small Mariinsky Ballet Company

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