Ana Abad Carlés

  • July, 15 2018: Cinema Forum on Russian Masters

  • Dance Historian



As a novelty in Russian Masters 2018 we have included a film forum activity by Ana Abad, one of the greatest experts in the history of dance in Spain. In the workshop there will be displayed videos of some of the main stars of ballet today to share opinions and impressions about their styles, technique and differences when dancing. Participants can also propose videos of their favourite artists to share with the rest of the classmates and attendees.

This activity pursues our objective of giving a complete training to the participants of the course. Nowadays, dancing well is not enough, as in everything it is necessary to have an aesthetic criterion as well as to be aware of the fashions and stylistic tendencies within classical dance in order to achieve integral development as an artist. Likewise, watching the best professionals of the moment can help us to focus on special things of their way of dancing that we would like to achieve or imitate.

We propose this workshop also as a playful activity in which we can share with our colleagues and show what each one likes, thus strengthening ties between all the participants.

Workshop is open to the general public and for Russian Masters students.

Date: July 15

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Place: Complejo San Juan

Dr. Perez Mateos Street, 2,

03550 San Juan de Alicante

Price: € 5 *

* Free for RMBC students

More information at

We attach some of Ana's extensive curriculum:

Doctorate in music by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain (2013). Master in Ballet Studies at the University of Roehampton, London (2004). Degree in History of Art by the University of Zaragoza (1999). Author of History of Ballet and Modern Dance (Alianza Editorial, 2004/2010). Choreographer and teacher of choreography at the professional dance degree and musical theater of The Urdang Academy, London (2009/11). Collaborator of CSIC for its Spanish Dictionary of International Literary Terms (2014/2015). Professor invited in the Professional Conservatories of Dance of Murcia (2008/2014), Madrid (2012), Lugo (2010), Zaragoza (2002/2003); (2014) and Madrid (2012), Institut del Teatre de Barcelona for a training course for its faculty (2016), University of Zaragoza, University of Seville (2015), Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid 2014), National University of Chiapas, Mexico (2014), University of Murcia (2012), IDAES (Instituto de Altos Estudios Sociales), Buenos Aires (2011), Centro Coreográfico Galego (2010/2015), The Center for Performing Arts, London (2011), National School of Dance Mastrazzi, Buenos Aires (2008/2009). Lecturer and coordinator of seminars "The Russian Ballets of Diághilev", Caixa Forum, Barcelona and Madrid (2011/2012). Coordinator of the cycle "Gender stories: women in dance", CCEBA, Buenos Aires (2012). Director of projects at the Council for Dance Education and Training, London (2004/2007). Member of the board of Creative Capital (2004/2009), Advisory Group of London Youth Dance (2005/2008), London. Invited by RNE for an interview in The Critical Eye (2014) and Radio Galega (2015). She is currently an external lecturer at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid in her Masters in Management and Leadership of Cultural Projects.
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