• Prima ballerina
  • Honored Artist of Russia
  • For more than 25 years principal tutor of one of the most prestigious ballet theatres in Saint Petersburg
  • Graduate teacher, summa cum laude at Vaganova Academy
  • Former first soloist of The Theatre of Choreographic Miniatures
  • Graduate teacher at Vaganova Academy 
  • More than 15 years ballet teacher in Vaganova Academy
  • Currently ballet teacher in Vaganova Academy
  • Graduate from Vaganova Academy as an artist and teacher
  • Former soloist of Eifman Ballet and Mikhailovsky Theatre
  • Currently teacher of classical dance in Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg
  • Former soloist of Mikhailovsky and Mariinsky theatres
  • Disciple of Natalia Dudinskaya
  • Currently a professor of Classical Dance and Duet Classical Dance at the Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg
  • Ex-soloist of Maly Ballet of the Mariinsky Theater
  • Graduated from the Faculty of Pedagogy of the Vaganova Academy 
  • Currently teacher in Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg
  • Graduated from the Vaganova Academy
  • National awards from Ministry of Culture of Russia
  • Soloist of character dance at the Mariinsky Theatre
  • Currently tutor and teacher in Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg

  • Graduate teacher in Vaganova Academy
  • Student of direct disciples of Alexander Pushkin
  • Male technique and Pas de deux classes in Russian Masters
  • Principal soloist
  • Graduated summa cum laude en Academia Vaganova
  • Disciple of direct students of Agrippina Vaganova
  • Currently teacher in one of the premier Saint Petersburg's theatres
  • Artistic director of Choreographic Liceum of Ekaterinburg
  • Graduated in Perm Ballet College
  • Student of direct disciple of A.Vaganova
  • Winner of multiple premios
  • Degree in Vaganova Academy as an artist and teacher
  • Supervisor and teacher of Saint-Petersburg private company
  • Soloist of international theaters
• Graduated from the Vaganova Academy as an artist and teacher
• More than 8 years of experience as a teacher
• Honoured with reputable ballet teaching awards
  • Rudolf Nureyev honors graduated first soloist dancer
  • Vaganova diplomated teacher, student of direct disciples of Agrippina Vaganova
  • Russian Masters Ballet Camp Director
  • Graduated with honors from Ekaterinburg State Theater University
  • Currently actress of the Ekaterinburg Young Spectator Theater
  • Laureate of numerous national and international awards
  • graduated in pedagogy of classical dance and character dance
  • extensive experience as a teacher in prestigious academies in Russia and Spain
  • former dancer of the State Company of the Opera and Ballet Theater of St. Petersburg
  • Currently one of the most outstanding European artists and choreographers
  • Soloist of Aalto Ballett Essen
  • Winner of the Aalto Stage Prize for young artists 2012
•    Vaganova Academy graduate in teaching

•    Teacher of Character Dance and Classical Dance in junior grades

•    Former soloist of Small Mariinsky Ballet Company

  • Former soloist of Eifman Ballet
  • Vaganova graduate in Ballet Pedagogy 
  • - Graduated from Vaganova Academy
  • - Vast experience as teacher and dancer
  • - Her pupils won 1-st prize in the national Dance Contest "Anaprode"
  • Principal soloist
  • Graduated from Perm Ballet College
  • Teacher of St. Petersburg's Ballet School of Ilya Kuznetcov