Marina Vasilieva

•    Dean of the Interpretation Faculty of the Vaganova Academy
•    Artist Emeritus of the Russian Confederation
•    Former dancer of the Kirov Theatre
•    Professor at the Pedagogy Faculty of the Vaganova Academy
Marina is the ballet made person, she has borne by and for this noble art, which knows and knows how to work like no other, from her hands have come stars like Yulia Makhalina, Evgenia Obraztsova, Viktoria Tereshkia, Elena Evseeva y Olesya Novikova. Women whose merits make all the words abound.

She is Dean of the Faculty of Interpretation of the Vaganova Academy. And he has received the prestigious honour of Artist Emeritus of the Russian Confederation.

After graduating in 1957 at the Vaganova Academy she joined the company of the Kirov Theater (Mariinsky). She is currently one of the main star teachers of the Vaganova Academy.

Marina is also one of the most outstanding methodologists of the Vaganova technique, both theoretically and in practice, and is a professor at the Faculty of Pedagogy of the Ballet Academy of Russia, which prepares future teachers, repeaters and pianists.
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