We're happy to have new collaborator - EL PETIT BALLET ( - a family business dedicated to handmade decoration tutus for ballerinas. This shop presents our students 3 bags for tutus.
As part of the program of the patron saints and Moors and Christians, on 25th of JULY at 10:00pm  the best students of campus will offer a gala.
We want to thank Novelda Dance Conservatory for hosting and for supporting our camp for 2nd year and for this opportunity.

We’re happy to see such interest for ballet and support from Town Hall of Novelda and Novelda Digital. Thank you for you help and publications.
We do not stop receiving support and help, this time the ballet shop Coppelia (Novelda), by the hand of its director Inma will offer 3 vouchers of 100 euros each one, for purchases.
These prizes will be awarded along with the rest of great surprises and scholarships at the end of the course.
Russian Masters, taking care of your dreams.
After a strict private audition, we chose 12 students who have the almost assured future as the German government is a pioneer in supporting this type of art and will grant them all, as well as help them in the future to find a good company that hire according to the specialized critics we position ourselves as the best platform for talent in the field of classical ballet in Europe.
When we seek to raise the soul in ballet we must take the body to the limit. For this and so that our  true stars rise to the challenge of the  hard work that awaits, we have the famous CLINICA TORREGOLF that will provide physiotherapists 3 times a week and at no cost to our students.
The prestigious shop specializing in ballet clothing, will offer exclusive discounts on their items for all our students.
The best professi­onals in the world of classical dance co­ntinue supporting us. In this case, the Spanish dancewear co­mpany Intermezzo has sponsored some surp­rising gifts that wi­ll be part of the sp­ecial final prizes that Russian Masters will offer to their most dedicated stude­nts.
The implemen­tation of our philos­ophy of continuous improvement is materi­alized once again wi­th this outstanding news. We will develop totally free for our students, the fir­st professional work­shop of creation, el­aboration and implem­entation of professi­onal ballet diadems.
Our commitment to quality brings us to increasing our didactic offer. In this line and in addition to the other unique workshops, we will offer an exclusive lecture by the hand of one of the best experts in Spanish ballet history Dr. Ana Abad Carlés.
Today we want to share with you this wonderful documentary from the BBC where our guest star of STARS GALA, Svetlana Bednenko, participates as an actress starring the great dancer Alla Osipenko. The film is about one of the best dancers of all time, the unequaled and controversial Rudolf Nuryeyev.

Our happiness grows exponentially, thanks this time, to our beloved pupil, tutored and sponsored by our guru and director, Asiya Lukmanova.
Raúl has been the first Spanish to be hired as a fixed staff member of the first company of one of the best ballet theaters in the world, The Mariinsky Theater.
We continue to demonstrate our commitment to the future of our students. The prestigious State School of Berlin (Staatliche Ballettschule of Berlin), undoubtedly one of the best in Europe and the famous Ballet Yakobson in St. Petersburg, will be the first to select pupils and dancers at Russian Masters Ballet Camp 2017. And to give them a grant in necessary case.
Our confirmed teacher for RMBC-2017 from Eifman Ballet Academy Anna Podlesnaya is giving an interview after RMBC-2016.  

Anna is speaking about ballet traditions and Vaganova method with sincere love for ballet, her approach in teaching can be felt in every word and second of this video.
On the 28th of July RMBC will give GALA SHOW with students from Professional courses of prestigious Russian Masters Ballet Camp at open air stage during Festival of Summer Night of San Juan. In 2016 this Gala Show gathered a lot of citizens of San Juan and, of course, dancers’ parents and gave them a real feast of ballet.

Semi Professional groups will have their hour of fame next day in Auditorium of Casa de Сultura of San Juan on 29th of July.
Our hospitable San Juan Complex will be our official residence for the 3rd year, so we’re confident that our students will live in good conditions, will be fed well and have opportunities to relax in swimming pools and green gardens after intensive classes.
The real master of emotional characters and very considerate teacher, graduated teacher in Vaganova Academy, student of direct disciples of Alexander Pushkin, an actual teacher in Eifman Ballet School will work with RMBC-2017 for 3rd year. At this Camp he will give classes for advanced group of male and female students of semi-professional course.
Hearttouching words from mother of our studnet Julie Pestova, Prague.

"Dear Ms. Lukmanova,
My daughter Julie Pestova just finished the ballet course in your summer school. Unfortunately we did not have a possibility to meet you the last day, so at least with this email, let me thank you, especially on behalf of my daughter, for this amazing experience..."
Tatiana will work with RMBC for the 2nd year. So she is speaking in her interview not only about Vaganova method, but about her experience of teaching at our Camp, too.

In order to save good conditions of training for our students in Russian Masters Ballet Camp 2017 all professional dance classes will be held again in the PROFESSIONAL CONSERVATOIRE OF NOVELDA, (ALICANTE).

Also to make good conditions students in all groups some semi-professional groups will train in dance halls of PROFESSIONAL CONSERVATOIRE "JOSÉ ESPADERO" OF ALICANTE.
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